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A world of possibilities

To travel, is to explore new and exciting experiences!

Travel transports us and changes the way we think, it literally provides us with some of life's challenges which educates us, while we dive into the new and exciting destinations personally designed and created for you, our client!

Toorak Travel is a proud member of several of the worlds finest brand experiences, together with Virtuoso and the art of travel, providing inclusive addons ensuring a seamless travel experience, every time.

About the event

The TOORAK Travel team are Virtuoso travel specialists specifically trained and are always abreast of the latest global premium products and the very latest trends.

Your specialist is a dedicated Virtuoso travel professional, specialising in the art of travel, who is available 24/7 from your departure to your return providing the necessary support, should you experience any unforeseen circumstances.

Please contact us at Toorak Travel and share in our extensive library of travel brands and premium products, providing you with “A world of Possibilities”

Luxury Cruising

Toorak Travel are one of Australia’s premier cruise specialists. Our association with the very best Cruise Lines and continued consultant development ensures our clients receive only the best advice.

Travel Publications

Be informed of all the latest world-class destinations and itineraries through our travel publications. The publications are fine-tuned for the luxury traveler and contain only the most exclusive and discerning destination programs available in the world today.

VIP Film Nights

Toorak Travel offer specialist Film Nights to highlight the latest travel destinations for our clients. Our unique presentations are aimed at the discerning traveller and are chaired by expert representatives from Toorak Travel’s world-class group of Travel Partners

Toorak Travel VIP Client

Toorak Travel platinum clients receive access to exclusive services and premium experiences.

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